FROM THE PASTOR ~ September 13, 2020 ~ 

Dear Parishioners, 

Summer is over and we are ready to start our fall season. I just want to inform you that during this time we suffered some damages from the rain. The Marian Center received over 5 feet of water during the Landisville flash flood on August 7th and the basement of St. Michael received water in the kitchen.

The cupola of Our Lady of Victories roof is leaking water during rain storms onto the main altar of the church. We have water leakage also in the basement of the Landisville church. St Mary Malaga basement has damage from a leaky water pipe. Saint Rose basement has mold growth on the inside walls of the basement from all the water and moisture from the summer months.

I want to thank you for all the contributions and financial support you are giving the parish. As time passes and we are in the pandemic, we are still struggling economically. Let us pray to the Lord for His Divine Providence. I invite you to pray about and consider helping us a little more with your generosity knowing the Lord will reward you abundantly.

Many blessings, Father Ariel

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