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From the Pastor

~ November 29, 2020 ~
Dear Parishioners,
On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, we had the blessing of the visit of our bishop to administer the sacrament of Confirmation in our Parish. Thirty Nine parishioners were sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
We want to thank all who participated along with all those who assisted in making this possible. We thank the clergy, the Knights of Columbus, the cantors, the lectors and the servers at the altar. Special appreciation to those who prepared the confirmandi: Ellie Merighi, Fran Emmons, Casey Clifford Harvey, Maureen Kelleher and all our religious education teachers, Gabriel Guadarrama, Cindy and Howie Saul, Arlene and Ron Stampa and the entire RCIA team, as well as the teachers at St. Mary’s school.
Lastly, thank you to the parents and sponsors for being good examples for our confirmandi. I am looking forward to next year when our bishop confirms our next group. Let us continue to pray for these newly confirmed as well as those who are in formation now.
Many blessings,
Father Ariel

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
October 21, 2019 ~ October 21, 2020

Roxanne Marie Trapani
Ismael VallafaƱe
Marlene Hrynenko
Jose Torres
Carmen Sotomayor
Francis Joseph Robertson
Gennaro David Zappariello
Marie PetrinJean Cortopassi
Marianne Nicholson
Joseph Anthony Perella, Jr.
Concetta V. Dandrea
Page Ann Zulker
Miguelina SotoCintron
Heather M. Sterling, D.C.
Ronald Fillman
Patricia Ann Lundy
Louise D’Alessandro
David Joseph Rendina
Emil A. Dandrea
Armando LeonGonzalez
Anthony Pacitto
Ronald Peter Dandrea
Gloria C. Wescott
John Ernest Gallo, Jr.
Sister Matthew Marie Shaughnessy, DM
Anna Mae Vai

Victor GuevaraRamirez
Anthony Joseph Rizzo
Joseph J. Arcidiacono
Raquel Gonzalez
Manuel Tinoco Almanza
Jose Adrian AlmanzaMartinez
Leonilda Vazques
Vincenzo Marolda
Beatrice M. Bassetti
Delores Josephine Flaim
Sister Mary Ursala Bowers, DM
Patricia T. DeLuca
Lawrence Schiavone
Rita D. Nicholas
Elsie A. Scibelli
Eugene A. Egizi, Sr.
Stefano Riccobene
Iris RodriguezDelgado
Catherine Marie Kane Halpin Pollakis
Ronald Gorgo
Elaine Sinclair
Doris Ann Caprice
Jeanette Mary Ochetto
Sister Mary Tarcisia Principe, DM
Joseph Jacob Hvezda
Carmen Mercedes Robles
Marlene Rita Paladino
Ana L. Rivera