Parish Mission Statement  

The mission of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish is to promote our Catholic Faith. We are committed to providing a church community for all people that will be welcoming, charitable, and spiritually nurturing. We do this in accordance with the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as proclaimed in Sacred Scriptures, and taught by the Catholic Church, through the intercession of our Mother, Mary.


Women’s Silent Retreat “The Call to Missionary Discipleship”

Please print and follow instructions on form...Thank you!

Religious Education

Registration Registration for Religious Education for the 2019/2020 school year will take place at the Parish Center, 601 Central Avenue, Landisville from 5:30pm 7:00pm on the following Tuesdays:

June 11, July 9 and August 13
You may also pick up registration forms at the Parish office.

We are in need of teachers and aides for our Religious Education program. Please prayerfully consider giving of your Time & Talent to the children/youth of our Parish. No experience is necessary. Please call Ellie Merighi at 856697 0072 or Fran Emmons at 8566979599 for more information or to volunteer. 

Volunteers are also needed for the Children’s Liturgy at the 10:00am Mass on Sundays at St. Michael Church. Please call the Parish Office if you are interested in helping the children.

Congratulations to Those who Received the Sacrament of Confirmation on May 9, 2019

Ceneli Lydia Albelo

 Noe Salvador Teresa Becerra

 Ryley Philip Louis Betts

 Joshua Nicholas Nicholas Blasberg

 Jonathan Edward Christopher Blasberg

 Sarah Nicole Rose Blasberg

 Geoffrey David Patrick Blasberg

 Michael Dominic Francis Caprice

 Gabriella Lucia Catherine Caselli

 Jonathan Antonio Pio Collazo

 Vincent Mario Nicholas Crocilla

 Arianna Marie Teresa Cruz

 Gianna Lyn Alena Girimonte

 Sebastian Martin Dominic Savio Gonzalez

 Kaitlyn Teresa Herrera

 Katrina Grace Patricia Hiles

 William Marc Thomas Jamison

 Michael John Kelton

 James Arthur Anthony Ketcham, III

 Kaitlyn Marie Elizabeth Krasowski

 Joshua Michael George Lugo

 Maria Diane Anne Mazzoni

 Victoria Nichole Jude Negron

 Aaron John Ortiz

 Fatima Guadalupe Ramales

 Steven David Francis Rothman

 Evelisse Elizabeth Thavisack

 Emily Jean Elizabeth Volpe

 Alana Rae Maria Zorzi

 Flynn Raymond Joseph Novak

 James Henry Andrew Bowen, Jr.

 Cassandra Anne Ignatius Clifford

 Krystyn Nicole Katharine Courtney

 Daniel Michael Gonzalez Perez

 Elizabeth Ashley Monica Mosley

 Liberiana Antonio Bautista Cruz

 Ruben Jimm Lazaro Bautista Lucas

 Alexandra Carmen CastaƱeda

 Daniela Belen CastaƱeda

 Maricel Immaculata Cruz Cruz

 Arturo Maria Goretti Cruz Rojas

 Edwin Pio Flores Silva

 Maria Guadalupe Rosa de Lima Gabino

 Norberto Francisco Hernandez Bautista

 Adam Juan Bosco Hernandez Benitez

 Christian Bernardo Hernandez Benitez

 Briseida Isabel Jimenez

 Adolfo Angel Juan Bautista Jimenez Crisanto

 Deyaneira Rosa de Lima Jimenez Fregoso

 Xavier Isidro Jimenez Fregoso

 Jose Noe Jose Leon Diaz

 Sebastian Jose Marroquin Antonio

 Nancy Cecilia Mendez Bautista

 Angel Israel Jose Orozco

 Alma Lizeth Fatima Orozco Cortez

 Cesar Jose Paredes

 Lizbeth Jude Paredes

 Anayely Abigail Rosa de Lima Perez Bautista

 Elena Maria Perez Bautista

 Saul Jude Perez Mejia

 Francisco Pio Rivera

 Cristian Isidro Rivera Santos

 Jaime Cecilia Rivera Santos

 Ismair Bernardo Rodriguez Medina

 Leonardo Jose Cristobal Velazquez