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Independent Victim Compensation Program (IVCP)
The Diocese of Camden along with the other Roman Catholic dioceses in New Jersey has established an Independent Victim Compensation Program (IVCP) to compensate those who, as children or young adults, were sexually abused by a priest of the Diocese.
The IVCP is independently administered by experienced victim compensation experts Kenneth R. Feinberg and Camille S. Biros.
The IVCP will handles the submission, evaluation and resolution of individual claims, and operates independently of the Diocese or any church affiliated institution. The administrators of the IVCP have complete autonomy to determine the eligibility of a claim with the guidelines of the established Protocol. The amount of compensation for those who make a claim will be independently determined by the IVCP administrators.
All victims no matter when the abuse occurred are eligible to participate, and all matters will be handled confidentially.
Victims of clergy sexual abuse of a minor can begin the process of utilizing the program by going to and reviewing the protocol for submitting a claim.
Bishop Sullivan strongly encourages anyone who was sexually victimized by a priest of the Diocese to participate in the IVCP, and has asked that anyone who knows of someone who was abused to contact them so that they are aware of the IVCP and can participate in it.

All adults in regular contact with minors are required to undergo a background check which includes fingerprinting and are required to attend Virtus training, including periodic update training.

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