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~ May 1, 2022 ~ 
Dear Parishioners, 
   We are entering the month of May. We love this month dedicated to Mary our Blessed Mother and the month we honor our own mothers. This is also the month our children receive the sacrament of First Holy Communion and our youth receive the sacrament of Confirmation.
   Our First Communion is May 7. We are very excited for the children who will receive Jesus for the first time.
    That same weekend we will crown our Blessed Mother in honor of Mother’s Day and we will consecrate all our mothers to Mary the Mother of God. We will pray for all our mothers living and deceased thanking God for them.
   At the end of the month on May 24th, we will have Confirmation with Bishop Dennis Sullivan. We will have nearly 50 Confirmandi making the sacrament at 5:00pm at Saint Michael Church. It is also my 19th Anniversary to the priesthood. It will be such a blessing to have our bishop that day.  
   Let us pray and receive the many graces this month is bringing us. 
        Many blessings, 
  Father Ariel