From our Pastor

~ May 2, 2021 ~ 

Dear Parishioners, 

Along with the many events we are having this month, I want to invite you to honor Saint Nunzio Sulprizio on his feast day, May 5th. As you already know, this is a special saint given to our parish to pray for healing. We will have a Mass at 6:00pm at Our Lady of Victories Church on Wednesday before the Padre Pio Rosary and I encourage you to join us to pray for the sick.

Some people have approached us expressing their concerns about the reception of Holy Communion. During this time of pandemia, the church is inviting us to receive Communion in the hand. You have the choice to receive on the tongue provided you wait to the end of the communion line. If someone receives on the tongue before the end of the communion line, the priest or deacon will sanitize their hands before continuing the distribution of communion. I hope this will help us to receive Jesus in the best way during this difficult time.

We thank you for all the prayers for Father Felipe. We encourage you to keep praying for his quick and complete recovery.

Many blessings, Father Ariel

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