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From the Pastor

~ January 16, 2022 ~
Dear Parishioners,
I invite you to participate in our first 50-50 for
the new year. The drawing will be held on February
13. We are selling 300 tickets and the first place
winner receives $9000. I am looking forward to the
success of this raffle.
We want to thank the Knights of Columbus and all
the volunteers who work at our Monday night Bingo.
The weekly proceeds from Bingo help our parish
tremendously and I am thankful to have a wonderful
team of dedicated workers. We always need your help
and participation with Bingo.
One of the most important missions of the Church
is to protect and defend life. Saturday January 22,
2022 is a day of prayer for the legal protection of
unborn children. I invite all our parishioners to offer
prayers and sacrifices on this day for the sanctity of
life. I encourage our families to pray the rosary
together for this intention. It will be a blessing for
United in prayer,
Father Ariel