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Greetings from Our Pastor

Dear Parishioners,   

    On Saturday April 20, 2024 six members of our parish became Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus. I want to congratulate them and I want to thank all the Knights for all they do for our parish.     This weekend our First Communion class of 31 students will make their First Confession. We want to thank the parents and teachers for preparing them so well for this sacrament. I am looking forward to celebrating their First Communion next weekend. 
    Also next weekend on the Feast of Saint Nunzio, a great intercessor for healing, we will be having the Healing Mass at St Michael Church.
Please bring your sick family and friends to the Mass to experience the healing power of Jesus.

             Many blessings, Father Ariel 

FROM THE PASTOR ~ January 8, 2023 ~



~ January 8, 2023 ~

Dear Parishioners,
On the last day of last year our Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI entered into eternal life. This was sad news but we understand it was his time to meet the Lord. He left behind a beautiful legacy as he led the Church through difficult times. The media informed us that his last words were “Jesus, I love you.” As he was preparing to die, he said he
was not preparing for a farewell but for an encounter. Now we have an intercessor in heaven so let us pray for his eternal rest and for the whole church as we grieve his loss.

This Sunday is the feast of the Epiphany. With this feast we finish the Christmas Season and begin Ordinary Time. I want to thank everyone who made this Christmas and New Year so special in all the churches including the music, decorations, liturgy and gifts at all the Masses. As we begin the New Year, let us be positive and hopeful that this will be a blessed year full of many achievements and spiritual growing.

Happy New Year and Many Blessings,
Father Ariel



~ December 25, 2022 ~

Dear Parishioners,

I can’t believe it is  Christmas! I wish you and your families many blessings. Let us remember that Christmas is about Jesus, not us. We must give to Jesus the very best gift that we can give. We must share the joy of Christmas with our families and bring His love everywhere we go. Mother Teresa said that every day we give love is Christmas.

I am thankful to everyone for making this Christmas so special. The churches look beautiful.  Participation at Mass and parish events is amazing. The music is excellent. Your love and support make me so happy to be your pastor.

On behalf of Deacon Charlie, Deacon Tony and all the parish staff, I wish you a very Blessed Christmas. I will remember each of you, your families, and your intentions in a very special way at our Christmas Masses.

Many blessings,

Father Ariel

Schoenstatt and Healing Mass

~Schoenstatt Mass~: Schoenstatt and Healing Mass


The Healing Mass/Schoenstatt Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, September 18 at 3:00pm at St. Michael Church. 
Adoration and confessions are at 2:00pm with the Rosary at 2:30pm. 


50/50 Valentine Raffle

Four lucky winners will go home with the 50/50 Valentine Raffle prize. Will it be you? To win, you have to participate. Join us in this fun event that can win you cash and also help our parish.

Drawing will be held on Sunday, February 13, 2022 at St. Michael Church at 11am.

Limited to 300 tickets!!

Donation: $100.00 per ticket


1st Prize (30%): $9,000.00

2nd Prize (10%): $3,000.00

3rd Prize (5%): $1,500.00

4th Prize (5%): $1,500.00

* Prize totals based on the sale of all

300 tickets.

Reserve your ticket today by calling the Parish Office at 856.213.6259!

Purchase your own ticket or share the cost of a ticket with family or friends! Give yourself a chance to win a great prize and support your parish at the same time. 

From the Pastor

~ January 16, 2022 ~
Dear Parishioners,
I invite you to participate in our first 50-50 for
the new year. The drawing will be held on February
13. We are selling 300 tickets and the first place
winner receives $9000. I am looking forward to the
success of this raffle.
We want to thank the Knights of Columbus and all
the volunteers who work at our Monday night Bingo.
The weekly proceeds from Bingo help our parish
tremendously and I am thankful to have a wonderful
team of dedicated workers. We always need your help
and participation with Bingo.
One of the most important missions of the Church
is to protect and defend life. Saturday January 22,
2022 is a day of prayer for the legal protection of
unborn children. I invite all our parishioners to offer
prayers and sacrifices on this day for the sanctity of
life. I encourage our families to pray the rosary
together for this intention. It will be a blessing for
United in prayer,
Father Ariel

22nd Anniversary of the Tears Our Lady of Schoenstatt


22nd Anniversary of the Tears Our Lady of Schoenstatt

Schoenstatt Mass
Thursday, March 18
Holy Hour - 6:00pm
Rosary - 6:30pm
Benediction & Procession followed by Mass - 7:00pm
St. Michael Church OLBS Parish

Come join us the 18th of each Month at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish Church of St Michael
Schoenstatt Mass

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Mission Statement



Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish

104 Catawba Avenue
Newfield, NJ 08344

Phone 856-213-6259
Fax 856-213-6279

Deanery 3 Pastor: Rev. Ariel Hernandez

We are disinfecting the church between Masses. Please remember to wear a mask. The MASK helps prevent a person who is sick (even if they have NO SYMPTOMS) from spreading the virus to others. It helps keep respiratory droplets contained and from reaching other people. By wearing a MASKS you are protecting OTHERS!

Help us keep everyone safe!

'DIOCESE OF CAMDEN Coronavirus Prayer 
Lord Jesus, you heal the sick. We pray that the coronavirus that has affected so many in our world can be contained, controlled, and cured. We lift up to your mercy all those affected, all those working hard to study and cure this illness, and all health care professionals and emergency management teams that are working day and night to keep us safe. Help us, Lord, to trust in your merciful care. Lord Jesus, hear our prayer. Amen.'

Around the Parish


4PM Vigil Mass 3:15PM Confession
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish Church of St Michael Minotola, NJ
8AM Mass
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish Church of St Rose of Lima
St Michael's Church OLBS Parish Minotola, NJ
12AM Sunday Spanish Mass
St Michael's Church OLBS Parish Minotola, NJ
4PM Sunday Mass
St Mary's Church OLBS Parish Malaga, NJ
Sunday May 23, 11:30am 
Take Out Macaroni Dinner!
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish Center 601 Central Ave Landisville, NJ
Sun May 23, 11:30am
OLBS Parish Center 601 S Central Ave, Landisville, NJ 08326
Every 2nd and 4th
Wednesday at 7:00pm
Lovin’ Lambs
St Mary's Rectory
18th of Every Month 
Schoenstatt Mass
OLBS Parish Church of Saint Michael Minotola, NJ
Padre Pio Prayer Group Rosary
Our Lady of Victory Church, 202 NW Blvd., Landisville, NJ
Beginning Wednesday, May 26, 2021 outdoor shrine at Rte. 40 & Central
Avenue, Landisville, NJ
Caritas Christi FOOD Pantry
OLBS Parish Center 601 Central Ave Landisville, NJ
Bilingual Charismatic Mass
OLBS Parish Our Lady of Victory Church 202 NW Blvd Landisville, NJ
First Friday
First Friday Mass
OLBS Parish Our Lady of Victory Church 202 NW Blvd, Landisville, NJ
First Saturday 
Cenacle with Our Lady of Fatima Rosary
Marian Center Landisville, NJ