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50/50 Valentine Raffle

Four lucky winners will go home with the 50/50 Valentine Raffle prize. Will it be you? To win, you have to participate. Join us in this fun event that can win you cash and also help our parish.

Drawing will be held on Sunday, February 13, 2022 at St. Michael Church at 11am.

Limited to 300 tickets!!

Donation: $100.00 per ticket


1st Prize (30%): $9,000.00

2nd Prize (10%): $3,000.00

3rd Prize (5%): $1,500.00

4th Prize (5%): $1,500.00

* Prize totals based on the sale of all

300 tickets.

Reserve your ticket today by calling the Parish Office at 856.213.6259!

Purchase your own ticket or share the cost of a ticket with family or friends! Give yourself a chance to win a great prize and support your parish at the same time.