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~ December 25, 2022 ~

Dear Parishioners,

I can’t believe it is  Christmas! I wish you and your families many blessings. Let us remember that Christmas is about Jesus, not us. We must give to Jesus the very best gift that we can give. We must share the joy of Christmas with our families and bring His love everywhere we go. Mother Teresa said that every day we give love is Christmas.

I am thankful to everyone for making this Christmas so special. The churches look beautiful.  Participation at Mass and parish events is amazing. The music is excellent. Your love and support make me so happy to be your pastor.

On behalf of Deacon Charlie, Deacon Tony and all the parish staff, I wish you a very Blessed Christmas. I will remember each of you, your families, and your intentions in a very special way at our Christmas Masses.

Many blessings,

Father Ariel